Onist Film takes a look at Body Song Yoga

So I had known Lilly for some time before I filmed her in the new Wellness Studio in Born, Barcelona. I had actually filmed her before as a model in a video poem called A Poem Called Venus. She had told me about her work writing for Elephant Journal, detailing how yoga can be used with post traumatic stress disorder and how her interviews had influenced her. (Ref: Elephant Journal article ). But I have never been to a yoga class and have only ever quickly moved away from it when my wife encouraged me to join her, on a mat, in the living room. I might have tried once, maybe.

So it was great to cast aside old prejudices and study Lilly’s movement and grace in this film. Actually, I say “film”, because that’s how it started out. We both love the poetry of Rumi and knew immediately that we had to try the idea once the thought idea left her lips. It would have been rude not to.

Lilly tells me that she is also starting a yoga class with live music on Friday nights and a fun idea called “Yoga for guys who don’t do Yoga”, created for slightly out of shape guys exactly like me.

I’m posting here the YouTube and Vimeo version for no other reason than you might prefer one platform over the other.


Body Song Yoga from justininbcn on Vimeo.

Social & LinkageĀ 


Classes held at Born Wellness Center

0034 604 149 361

Yoga & Voice: Lilly Bechtel
Film & Edit: @justininbcn
Music “Flying”: Garth Stevenson
Poem & Inspiration: Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi



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