Salvem el Jardí – Latest documentary


Salvem el Jardi from justininbcn on Vimeo.

Salvem el Jardi is a community project started by a group of neighbours who want to reclaim a public space and maintain a beautiful garden for everyone.
Recently a group of street artists came together and painted the walls of the garden. Their intention is to change the perspective of the garden but also change people’s perception of what street art is. We used the hashtag #streetartactivismo and the work continues today.
Chapter 1 – Zems & Tacto
Chapter 2 – Vegan Bunnies
Chapter 3 – Konair
Chapter 4 – SM172
Chapter 5 – Secle
Chapter 6 – El Warum
Chapter 7 – Rice
Chapter 8 – Secle & Eden
Chapter 9 – Chanoir
Chaper 10 – Xupet & Chanoir
Chapter 11 – Eden
Chapter 12 – Tacto
Chapter 13 – Binty Bint
Chapter 14 – Owen (Part1)
Chapter 15 – Owen (Part2)


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