An ode to capitalism

An ode to capitalism :

I am that which lives in you
There is no sense in asking who
I tell you what your life is worth
From dying breath to scheduled birth

I stay at yours right by your side
I have no shame I never hide
I tell your children what is fun
I teach’em wars of God and gun.

I preach that you’ll be rich one day
That all your worries ‘ll go away
That Money is the bottom line
The centre of our core design

you have no choice , you are a slave
You have no soul, you are not brave
I do not care for compassion
Human lives are bought and won

I bomb the shit out of sovereignty
And in exchange bring democracy
Coz in my law I own the bank
My word, you see, is sacrosanct

So what’s the trick for mass control?
I give you just enough to know
And keep you busy day to day
and make it hard to change the way

Expand ! expand ! Grow and grow!
I never stop I’ll have you know
Not even when I leave for dead
Those starving millions in their beds

For you are my child you see
Suckling on my tit with glee
To scared to face the truth in me
Forever in my grip you’ll be

So Run along now, close your eyes
Watch the news and eat the lies
Behave yourself and pay your tax
And settle for these chosen facts

Don’t tell me about no revolution
They ‘re for hippies in confusion
Don’t join no groups of discontent
Or you’ll be named incompetent

You cannot change me, don’t even try
I’m in the milk and food you buy
Why fight against me? Just give in!
A life of comfort is not a sin!

Don’t think about the cost of greed
It’s not important in my creed
Why think about impoverished lives?
When all our babies need to thrive !

And don’t complain when things get tough
You have no way to call my bluff
For I am all that’s wrapped around you
Like God I am for you to pray to


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